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Operational planning: getting buildings up and running

With the help of professional operational planning, building owners are now in a position to get their properties up and running under ideal conditions.

Is the term the "Death Valley of know-how" familiar? No? At Halter we use it to refer to the period between the building phase and initial operation when valuable FM amassed during construction often gets lost. Halter Real Estate Advisory has developed a four-phase model that enables a systematic transition from construction project to property management. For investors, it means they can count on getting a property up and running under the best possible conditions.

"We see ourselves as coordinators between builders, operators and users," explains Roman Egger. "The all-critical initial operation phase often suffers because there is no precise documentation about the property or because key people are brought into the project at too late a stage. For example, the entrance to the underground carpark may be working perfectly, but no one has given tenants the magnetic card they need to operate it. With our model, we can ensure that a property doesn't get off to a bad start in its active life.”