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Real estate marketing: of woods and trees by Jacques Hamers

How many advertising messages have you registered – consciously or subliminally – today? Which brands have stuck in your memory? The number of advertising messages vying for our notice increases daily. But one thing remains the same: our attention span. So how can we make a target group aware of a particular property? One thing's for sure: the answer doesn't always have to be digital.

Successful product marketing is all about effectively reaching your desired target group. But with increasing choice, market transparency, ability to compare prices and ever more complex segmentation, achieving this is harder than ever before.

Nowadays, digital media are particularly suited to selectively identifying and addressing customers. We have access to precise information about users and their habits, which means we can significantly reduce waste coverage in advertising campaigns.

Nevertheless, capturing our audience's attention remains a challenge. If we are to stand out from the rest, we need to make potential buyers aware of our property. Because, remember: the competition isn’t asleep on the job either.

So how can I be sure people will spot my tree amongst all the others?

From our own experience, we know that alongside the extensive range of digital and creative advertising possibilities (banners, real estate portals, etc.), one reliable way of attracting attention – and one which is re-establishing itself again – has always been a physical hoarding on the site.

The main thing is to make people aware of your tree right there, where it stands. And billboards are one very efficient way of achieving just that. They've existed for as long as anyone can remember and continue to do their job efficiently even today. The attention of passers-by and drivers familiar with the locale is drawn to the offer.

As a result, passers-by become potential customers, and we can move on to the next stage of the marketing. The next challenge is this: why is my product better than that of the competition? In other words, what makes my "tree" so special?

But that, of course, is another story.

The hangman-style property board: a highly effective advertising tool

The hangman-style yard sign is not something you see often in Switzerland. But in the US, the "For Sale" sign on the front lawn is a popular advertising tool. Examples of successful – and less successful – signs (depending on taste) can be found at this link. A US study has demonstrated that the real estate yard sign is an equally affordable and effective way of using an advertising budget. According to the study, 53% of potential buyers are made aware of a property through yard signs (source: National Association of Realtors). Incidentally, yard signs are equally popular during US presidential elections. In this case, however, studies have concluded that they have no influence on the outcome of the elections. A proverb common among political strategists in the US goes: "Yard signs don’t vote." (source: The Atlantic).