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Real estate marketing off plan: looking to the future

New technologies are creating undreamed-of possibilities in the marketing of real estate. Nevertheless, all the virtual reality apps and gadgets require professional integration into the marketing strategy. Otherwise, they simply remain gimmicks.

"Waldhaus NeuGuet rises up conspicuously, unmistakably, between the Burenholz and the Zwicky Centre in Wallisellen: a landmark visible from miles around next to the lovingly restored buildings that belonged to Zwicky's traditional silk thread production facility. This is how the website and brochures describe the new building. Unmistakably? Apart from poles marking out a project on an empty site, nothing can be seen of the new builds. Marketeers to day need to be familiar with the latest visualization technologies if they are to make it possible for us to look into the future.

Brought to life virtually

The showroom in Wallisellen is set up and the marketing of the 60 freehold apartments on the eighth to the fourteenth floors in Waldhaus Neuguet has started. Suspended from the ceiling is a beamer that projects a huge animation onto the floor of the showroom. Using video mapping, David Huber shows his audience the future quality of life in the district currently under construction. We see Ms Rossi taking her dog for a walk to the nearby forest, or the Miller family off shopping. Cafés and restaurants invite people to relax and the tram stop just a few metres away is in constant use.

Sensible use of decision-making criteria

David Huber picks up his iPad. Using the iRoom app, he selects apartment B3 on the ninth floor and is now standing in the middle of his apartment with a 360-degree view. "This way, prospective clients can take an apartment home with them and let their friends and family take a look," explains David Huber. "It may well influence the purchase decision: nowadays, there's hardly anyone who makes the decision to buy a flat on the spot."

Taking a walk through a future building

But back to the showroom: equipped with virtual reality glasses, David Huber is walking through the future apartments on different floors. He goes into the kitchen, the bathroom and the other rooms and enjoys the view from the huge terrace. The surrounding area was filmed from various heights by drones, which means the view from each of the floors corresponds with reality.

In this way, the striking build takes on an unmistakable presence even now.