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Zwicky-Zentrum Wallisellen


Halter AG, Zurich 


  • Ensuring an ecologically and economically optimised energy concept 
  • Operating concept and cost calculation 
  • Initial letting of 186 apartments, eight commercial studios, 15 small commercial spaces and a neighbourhood supplier in Wallisellen 
  • Marketing of 16 commercial sites 


  • Consideration of additional investment with low operating costs vs. lower investment with higher operating costs 
  • Creating simplicity in a complex environment 
  • Conception of a website, which clearly illustrates the diverse offer in the five architecturally different buildings for interested parties and users 
  • Comparatively large offer in the Wallisellen and Dübendorf area 
  • Strictly defined mix of commercial and residential tenants for sustainable success 


  • Functioning operation with transparent operating costs 
  • Successful use of a digital application tool 
  • Full letting of the apartments and all commercial space when occupied