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CO2 reduction path

We accompany you on the way to CO2 neutrality

We calculate the CO2 footprint of your property and develop an action plan for construction projects, existing properties and especially portfolios. Cloud-based tools help to analyse the potential and systematically develop your properties. In finding solutions, we focus on the efficient use of resources and changeability. We do not shy away from unconventional solutions, but rather see them as a challenge.

Our services include:

  • Development of a CO2 reduction strategy and support with its implementation
  • Integration of real estate in software tools for CO2 evaluation and potential analysis with regard to CO2 reduction
  • Definition of measures for maximum emission savings with optimised use of resources
  • Development of new concepts for solar energy use, mobility and parking
  • Optimisation of the balance between various measures on the building side and technical improvements in energy production

Marc B├Ątschmann Member of the Management

Christian Erb Head of Energy and Building Technology

CO2 Absenkpfad