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Operational planning

You aim to make optimum use of your property - we organise the operation.

Systematic planning ensures that the future operation of real estate runs optimally and costs are reduced. Owners and investors know that the chances of reducing operating costs are best during the planning phase. We deploy benchmarks and operational simulations to determine and optimise these costs at an early stage. We use a digital platform to provide owners, portfolio managers, developers, managers and, last but not least, users with quick and user-friendly access to all information relevant to our operations. 

Operating cost competence

  • Benchmarking 
  • Operating cost calculation 
  • Life-cycle simulations 
  • Profitability analyses 

FM during planning and construction 

  • Monitoring of study contracts and competitions 
  • Project assessment and optimisation 
  • Operating simulations: Operating plans and 3D process modelling 
  • Digital operating concepts and platforms 

Operational preparation 

  • Operational strategy 
  • Operational structuring  
  • Service procurement with digital tendering platform 
  • Implementation and auditing 

BIM2FM: Building Information Modelling for Operations 

  • Requirements for BIM from an operational perspective 
  • Transfer from BIM to operation 
  • Digital 3D Process Modelling and Attribution 
  • Retro-BIM / Reverse Engineering